Therapy Department/Programming

One of the main differences with Heritage Hall- Rich Creek’s therapy department is our investment in Program Development. We look at Programming as a way to bridge the gap between residents being discharged from therapy services and acclimating back to their daily routine. Currently the therapy department is working with Restorative within the Rich Creek facility to provide programs such as; Strength for Life, Contracture Management, Dementia Staging, Walk to Dine & Accelerated Care Plus (ACP). These programs have been chosen based on Quality of Care Triggers within the facility and are only a short list of what the department has to offer.

Walk to Dine – Exercise (Strengthening) Programs – Dining Programs – Dementia Programing – Wound Care – Falls Prevention and Management Programs – Urinary Incontinence – Cognitively Training Programs – Contracture Management – ADL – Dysphagia Management – Restraint Reduction

– Pain Management – Kinesio Taping – Lymphedema Management

Accelerated Care Plus

ACP ‘s specialized treatment programs are built around the use of medical technology called “Therapeutic Modalities”. The programs have demonstrated their ability to improve outcomes for a wide range of prevalent conditions experienced by aging adults and others including pain management, inflammation, neuromuscular re-education, stroke recovery, contractures, urinary incontinence, wounds, joint replacement recovery, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, herpes zoster, fall prevention.


  • Occupational Therapist – 1 Part-time Physical Therapist – 1 Part-time
  • Speech Language Pathologist – 1 Full-time Occupational Therapist Assistant – 2 Full-time Physical Therapist Assistant – 3 Full-time Rehab Tech – 1 Part-time
  • Clinical Manager – Full-time


  • Physical Therapist: Lymphedema Management, Kinesio Taping & Treatment for Veritigo Balance Disorders
  • ALL STAFF: Dementia Trained
  • Speech Language Pathologist: Vital Stirn