Each Odyssey client will be assigned a Rehabilitation Clinical Manager.  The Clinical Manager is available to meet daily and attend meetings based upon the needs of the client. They would function as the direct support manager to the therapists and manages the day-to-day business for the therapy programs.

Coverage is available 7 days a week as warranted.

Odyssey Rehabilitation’s policy is to not rotate our Clinical Manager and/or therapy staff.  Once all needs of your facility are met our staff would have the opportunity to assist elsewhere.

Yes.  In addition, Odyssey Rehabilitation has a superior Corporate Compliance Department that will appeal all levels of denials.  Odyssey Rehabilitation will work effectively with your facility to collect, submit, track and maintain electronic copies of all requested documents.

Odyssey Rehabilitation utilizes Therapute which is a web-based  program and was one of the first rehab products designed as a hosted and centralized database for its EMR. Therapute can be interfaced with many programs utilized by nursing facilities.

Odyssey Rehabilitation is a unique therapy provider in that we do not have “productivity standards” that are strictly enforced on our therapists.  Instead, we focus on “efficiency” as we understand the importance of making sure that all  community and resident needs are met, that quality care is provided, programs are established that incorporate best practice standards, and that documentation that justifies the medical necessity of services is completed in a timely fashion

Odyssey Rehabilitation has never been investigated, or fined, by any state, local, or federal agency.

Odyssey Rehabilitation provides our clients with a Therapy Services Report on a monthly or quarterly basis based on client preference.  This report includes average length of stay, RUG categories, discharge destinations, outcomes, therapy’s financial impact on facility and progress toward mutually agreed upon goals.

Odyssey Rehabilitation’s goal is to become a true partner with our client facilities.  Our Clinical Manager and therapy staff will be available to participate in internal and external marketing events, activities and promotions.  In addition, Odyssey Rehabilitation will work with your facility representative to create promotional materials that market the department appropriately.

One of the main differences with Odyssey Rehab is our investment in Program Development.  We look at programming as a way to bridge the gap between residents being discharged from therapy services and acclimating back to their daily routine.  After an analysis of the quality of care triggers, Odyssey will meet with facility leadership to recommend the most appropriate programs to address the deficits reported.  Next, Odyssey will collaborate with center staff to determine which department would be best suited to follow through with therapy program recommendations.  Upon completion of In-services to facility personnel and training of the department initiating the program, Odyssey will monitor the facility driven plan routinely for each participating resident’s improvement or decline and re-evaluate as appropriate.  This unique approach to programming greatly mitigates the resident’s likely hood of experiencing avoidable decline as well as assisting with gains towards independence and quality of life.


Second, with the ever changing Medicare Rules and Regulations, coupled with the increasing frequency of audits by Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and Medicare Audit Contractors (MACs), it is more important than ever to have an efficient appeals policy and procedure plan in place to mitigate denials.  Odyssey Rehabilitation’s Corporate Compliance Team is equipped to handle all aspects of the appeals process.  We have effective tracking and monitoring systems which allows timely submission of all requested documents to insurance carriers.  Odyssey Rehab will follow through with the entire appeals process regardless of payer source.  This would include items such as analyzing claim forms for coding errors, exhausting all levels of appeals and providing electronic versions of requested documents to the facility for tracking purposes.  Odyssey will indemnify our clients after all available administrative and/or judicial appeals have been exhausted by the facility and/or Odyssey Rehabilitation.

Odyssey Rehabilitation’s Corporate Office is located at 415 Benedum Drive Bridgeport, WV 26330.  In addition Odyssey Rehabilitation contracts with Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Assisted Living  Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, Outpatient Clinics throughout West Virginia and Virginia.

Odyssey Rehabilitation is a recognized leader in rehabilitation and wellness services in skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living facilities. We are continuously building upon our expertise of meeting the therapy and wellness needs of senior healthcare patients throughout the continuum of care.  Odyssey Rehabilitation partners with long-term care facilities to provide affordable, compassionate Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services, in addition to management of the department.  We are proud to offer a package of products, programs and services that are highly competitive and unique to the industry. If you are interested in learning more please reference our services tab.

Odyssey Rehabilitation has created a strong infrastructure with the ability to support rehabilitation services across the continuum of care.  As your partner, we offer you exceptional programs, services and benefits, including:

  • Strong local recruitment of qualified therapists
  • Retention strategies that have resulted in low turnover rates
  • Clinical programs that are designed for consistent implementation across care settings
  • Rehabilitation Outcomes
  • Solid management and IT systems to support and supervise services provided at Good Shepherd Nursing Home
  • Account management through local leadership and management
  • Excellent continuing education opportunities for our therapists, resulting in higher staff competence and greater customer satisfaction
  • Marketing support
  • Solid financial status resulting in constant re-investment in our organization and ongoing initiatives geared toward future growth and innovation

You can depend on us as a stable, reliable long-term partner committed to growing with you and constantly improving operations.

Odyssey Rehab provides services under contract arrangement to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Independent and Assisted Living, Hospitals, as well as Outpatient Care.  In our continued effort to be unique and separate ourselves from other rehab companies, Odyssey Rehab works closely with each facility to analyze their current operations and assist with programming and staff development to ensure that the residents function at their max potential, maintain dignity and achieve an improved quality of life.

Odyssey Rehabilitation is currently providing services in West Virginia and Virginia.  Odyssey Rehabilitation is an organization that is growing rapidly and looking to become more of a Regional presence.  This includes growing into all surrounding states.

Odyssey Rehabilitation provides licensed Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants. Odyssey Rehabilitation verifies all licenses on an annual basis through state licensure boards for each individual therapist.  A copy of each active license is displayed in the therapy department.  Quarterly our Human Resources department will provide the facility with confirmation of compliance, which includes licensure status.

Odyssey Rehabilitation has had a Corporate Compliance Policy in place since 2012, but saw the need for establishing a more structured program in January of that same year, leading to a the development of a Corporate Compliance Team, consisting of a Chief Compliance Officer, a Corporate Compliance Specialist, and a Corporate Compliance Assistant.  This enabled us to train and educate the Compliance Team, in order for them to be able to operate seamlessly, prior to the mandated deadline of March 2013, put in place by the Secretary of HHS, working jointly with OIG.   We have a formal program, with requirements that specifically apply to the corporate, facility, and staff level management of multi-unit nursing homes.

Due to the consistently changing Medicare Program, Odyssey has developed a library of resource tools that enable the Clinical Manager and therapy staff to easily embrace and implement new Medicare Rules and Regulations under the guidance of  Odyssey management.

Examples that exist within this library include the following Manuals:

1) Documentation Manual

2) Assessment Tools Manual

3) Program (Development) Manual.

In addition, Odyssey trains its employees regarding policies that embody our company’s expectation for best practice.  Sample policies include;

1) Student Programs

2) ADL Restorative Program

3) Staff Development

4) Program Development

5) Contracture Management

6) Corporate Compliance

7) Documentation

Yes, Therapy staff is available to provide in-services to your facility staff as needed.

“Odyssey Therapy works to seamlessly integrate their vital services within the concept of care and philosophy of our facility”