Odyssey Rehabilitation’s clinicians develop and implement individualized plans of exercise and activities for patients and their caregiver(s). This enables Odyssey’s clinicians to maintain and enhance a patient’s progression during a course of skilled therapy, as well as after discharge from therapy services. Such programs are an integral part of therapy from start of care and are updated and modified as needed. Odyssey’s goal is to utilize these programs to help patients reach their max potential, in order to prevent avoidable declines. Examples of Odyssey’s programs are:
Strength for Life
Contracture Management
Restraint Reduction
Fall Management & Prevention
Wound Care Management
Urinary Incontinence
Dysphagia (Difficulty Swallowing) Management
Rehab Dining
Seating & Positioning
Edema (Swelling) Management
Pain Management
Cognitive & Behavioral
Biking & Walking
Post Surgical Recovery
Neurological & Stroke Motor Dsyfunction
Analytical Overview Process

Analytical Overview Process

Odyssey Rehabilitation’s partnership process includes evaluating various aspects of facility operations to ensure the greatest level of success. Examples of areas where our Analytical Processes have impacted our partners are:
Prevent Fraud and Abuse
Improve Quality of Care and Services
Enhance Operational Functions
Smarter Spending of Healthcare Dollars

Accelerated Care Plus

Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) is the nation’s leading Rehab Solutions provider delivering proven evidence-based programs to improve clinical outcomes and yield greater patient satisfaction in an efficient and cost-effective manner across the care continuum. For more information about ACP, please visit

“Our facility has had a relationship with Odyssey for several years. The therapists are excellent and Odyssey’s management is always ready and willing to be of assistance when needed. I feel so strongly about the quality work provided to our facility by Odyssey that I have recommended them to several other nursing homes.”

~Facility Administrator