Functional Maintenance Program

Odyssey Rehabilitation is continuously looking for opportunities to partner with our clients to provide the best possible care. One example of our ability to think outside of the box is the creation of our Forever Fit. This program allows clients to utilize their current cross-trained Restorative Nursing Staff to concentrate on their core duties while insuring therapy directives are followed through to prevent avoidable declines.  As a replacement to “Traditional Restorative Nursing” interventions, Odyssey Rehab works with your facility to offer a unique opportunity for every resident to be presented with choices that meet their individual needs/preferences to maximize their participation in daily activities and increase their quality of life.

1:1 Intervention

Our Forever Fit staff provide restorative type services in a one on one type setting.

2:2 Intervention

At times, attendees in the Forever Fit Program can be motivated by participating with a peer.

Group Intervention

Participating in group activities enables attendees to share interests and motivate each other while achieving common goals.

A Typical Forever FIt Workflow

Initiated after a comprehensive evaluation is completed by a licensed therapist
Baseline developed following assessment of strengths, weakness, and abilities.
Structured safely, effectively, comprehensively, and successfully.
Run by trained Forever Fit staff.
Overseen, with direct involvement of licensed therapists and assistants.
Managed by Odyssey Rehabilitation Forever Fit Specialists.
Re-evaluated on a regular basis, with changes made to the program as needed to elicit optimal performance, while preventing “avoidable” declines.

“Our facility has had a relationship with Odyssey for several years. The therapists are excellent and Odyssey’s management is always ready and willing to be of assistance when needed. I feel so strongly about the quality work provided to our facility by Odyssey that I have recommended them to several other nursing homes.”

~Facility Administrator