As opposed to having strictly enforced productivity standards, we here at Odyssey Rehabilitation, are unique in that we focus on “efficiency,” as we feel that there are many daily tasks the cannot be measured simply by counting minutes of treatment time. We understand the importance of making sure that all facility and resident needs are met, that quality care is provided, and that programs are established that incorporate best practice standards.

Our Approach

Odyssey Rehabilitation’s mission is to integrate itself with each and every individual facility, provide exceptional patient care, and create an environment where there is no separation between the facility and Odyssey Rehab.

In our continued effort to separate ourselves from other rehab companies, Odyssey Rehab works closely with each facility to analyze their current operations and assist with program development, to ensure that the residents function at their max potential, maintain dignity and achieve an improved quality of life.

One of the main differences with Odyssey Rehab is our investment in Program Development. We look at Programming as a way to bridge the gap between residents being discharged from therapy services and acclimating back to their daily routine. After an analysis of the quality of care triggers, Odyssey will meet with facility leadership to recommend the most appropriate programs to address the deficits reported. Next, Odyssey will collaborate with center staff to determine which department would be best suitable to follow through with therapy program directive(s). Upon completion of in-services to facility personnel and training of the department initiating the program, Odyssey will monitor the facility-driven plan routinely for each participating resident’s status change, and re-evaluate as appropriate. This unique approach to programming greatly mitigates the resident’s likely hood of experiencing avoidable decline, promotes independence, and improves each attendee’s quality of life.

At Odyssey Rehabilitation we know the work we do benefits everyone whose lives we touch: patients, customers, caregivers, and families. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate our services into your community and to provide exceptional patient care to those entrusted to our care. And when patient care comes first, everyone wins!

Key Features:

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy programming includes Falls Prevention, Dementia, and other programs to meet the needs of the community.

A web-based portal providing real time access to shared information.

Outcome data that can be used for marketing and to ensure that quality services and positive resident outcomes are being delivered.

Odyssey Rehab will assist community personnel with the development of Restorative Nursing Programs.

Odyssey Rehab personnel will work closely with community personnel to measure and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Services provided with the highest integrity and accuracy through our proven expertise in compliance and documentation.

Therapists will participate in Odyssey clinical education offerings as part of the facility integration.

Monthly reporting of key clinical and operational metrics, including and in-person Quarterly Business Review.

Focus on efficiently meeting the needs of the residents and facility rather than arbitrary productively standards. Odyssey will work with community to establish efficiency goals that are appropriate for each therapist to positively impact the community.

Odyssey therapists will accompany facility personnel on targeted marketing calls to assist in expanding your referral base and enhance market share.

“Our facility has had a relationship with Odyssey for several years. The therapists are excellent and Odyssey’s management is always ready and willing to be of assistance when needed. I feel so strongly about the quality work provided to our facility by Odyssey that I have recommended them to several other nursing homes.”

~Facility Administrator