We are pleased to announce that Odyssey Rehabilitation has partnered with Cortland Acres Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, to pilot a Functional Maintenance Program (FMP), as an alternative to “traditional Restorative Nursing” interventions.  This new program offers a unique opportunity for every resident of this facility to be presented with choices that meet their individual needs/preferences to maximize their participation in daily activities and increase their quality of life, while residing in this facility.  The components of the FMP consist of: 1) 1:1 Interventions, 2) 2:2 Interventions, and 3) Group Interventions.   All programs are run by trained FMP staff, with oversee, direction, and direct involvement of the Odyssey Rehabilitation Specialists, and are only initiated after a comprehensive evaluation is completed by a licensed therapist, where strengths, weakness, abilities, and baseline participation are assessed, in order to establish a safe, effective, comprehensive, and successful program.

1:1 Interventions are offered for residents that prefer to work in a more private, individualized setting, or may benefit from less distractions due to cognitive impairments.  Some interventions also require a “hands-on approach” of the FMP staff, for proper body alignment, and to encourage optimal performance.  These residents are also able to participate in any of the activities offered in the “2:2 and Group” settings if desired.

2:2 Interventions are offered for residents that may benefit from, or prefer to participate in their FMP with a partner.  This offers a level of socialization and bonding that fosters a more positive experience and better outcomes for these residents.  Examples of “2:2 Interventions” include exercise bike rides and functional ambulation.

Group Interventions are currently offered in 2 formats: Cognition and Exercise.  The Cognitive Group provides a fun, social, interactive format for addressing impairments related to thinking clearly, in a “non-threatening” and respectful manner.  Our Strength for Life Exercise Group provides an opportunity for multiple residents to work on upper-and-lower body strengthening, sitting and standing balance, and endurance activities in a challenging, yet fun environment.  Whether the residents are using free weights (barbells,) and resistance bands, or raising/lowering a parachute to move a large ball to one of their peers, they are guaranteed to be participating at their optimal level!  Some participants sit for all activities until they are strong enough to stand for others.   Their vitals (oxygen levels and heart rate) are routinely check to insure ability to perform all activities.

All participants are re-evaluated on a regular basis, with changes made to the program as needed to elicit optimal performance, while preventing “avoidable” declines.

We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to making additional improvements to this Pilot Program as we collect more feedback from the current attendees/residents.